Dr. Niznick Dental Industry


Develop and design a new website optimized for mobile devices of 4 dental companies in one.

40 years of valuable information gathering implemented and developed for a fast conversion-focused website. Branding the inventor, business owner, philanthropist of the dental industry. In doing so, he can continue educating with his content. Dr. Niznick can now be found on Google search engines with the SEO implementations.


A well-branded website, local SEO campaign, & social media setup.

Tru Designs' solution was to create a website that visitors could quickly identify each company and have a friendly user experience. This included breaking down the companies, and content into color and time frame sections, flip through articles, including patents and video libraries. Breaking the website down to company segments allows Dr.Niznick to show his work in the respective section of the website avoiding a visitor bouncing off. Categorizing information and the SEO campaign of the website increased website visitors' time on the website and a higher search engine presence by 150% in less than 3 months.