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UX Design February 2020 By: Trish Bellardine

What is User Experience and do I need this service?

It's not just about how it looks like, it's about how it functions.

To put it simple, UX design stands for User Experience design and it's the core to making everything happen, so yes it's definitely needed. Our UX designers and engineers make your user's experience simple and memorable. Many steps go into UX service's to say the least but it will take your application a long way. Not to get it confused with UI which stands for User Interface, but both go hand in hand. I will go more into details on the steps and the processes of UX Design.

"User experience" encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

HERE ARE A FEW STEPS TO GET STARTED: User Research, Task Flow, Sitemaps, Wireframes, Prototype, Development, Testing, and Implementation

User Research

User Research is most important when designing for your audience. It's best to make a fictional representation of your ideal customer also known as a user persona so that you build empathy when designing the product around this target user. For example if a product is a designed as wearable device for a child, a persona could be a 9 year old tech savvy girl who attends private school, plays soccer and is hyperactive etc. (This is just an EXAMPLE of one persona) and then go into details about how your ideal user will use the application. Designing tasks based off of that scenario is called a task flow.

Task Flow

When designing, their are a lot of things to consider. When starting the design phase it is best to plan out the task flow which is a set of steps your user will take to complete a task on your application, for example checking out from an online store, creating an account or like the example I show in the picture below of a user case scenario of child making a call on a wearable devise. Here you see both persona and task flow.

task flow


Use case scenarios are also a great way to demonstrate a single path through the task flow. It represents the action that the user and the system will need to take to accomplish the given task. Once the process is thought out and the amount of pages that need to be created to build the application, then a sitemap is designed to explain the structure and brake down the hierarchy of the pages. (hierarchy) meaning the level of importance of each page that it takes to complete the goal or task. Please see the image below to see what a sitemap looks like.



Once the sitemap is planned out, the designer can now start designing a wireframe. A wireframe is a sketch or a rough concept of how the content will be layed out for each individual page. Like the blueprints to building a home. The wireframes are a great way to start envisioning the way the product will look and function before final prototyping and mockup is presented. An example of a wireframe and sketched prototype looks like the images below. (On the left is the rough sketches and ideas, in the middle are the wirframes/final prototype of the application and on the left is the final prototype with the "UI" User Interface implemented) UI is the combination of colors, interactions, fonts, and the company style guide that the brand will follow. UI is a part of the branding phase for a company.

prototype prototypeprototype

Final Prototype

The final prototype shows the wireframe with colors and fonts which is a step in the design process we call UI Design which stands for User Interface Design. It is like a interior designer coming in to put the final beauty touches after the home is built. This is where a style guide is developed for a company branding to take place. A company is recognized by it's branding guidelines. This entails the identity of the company fonts, core color palette, design elements, voice of the company, micro interactions on the application, logo and consistent styled imagery or video approach.


Once the UX design process is completed this is where we start implementing design into the developmental stages and our web engineers go into programing the UX process page by page. This can entail frontend and or backend development depending on the level of application engineering. We use a certain software in development to test the end results of the UX process and how to improve or measure success through user data once its completed. An example of this can be Google anylitics. Google anylitics is a piece of code inserted at the top of each web page to track user data. This will in the long run help make better decisions on how to design with purpose once the data is gathered. This is also known as Data-Driven Decisions, it helps improve your buisness, based on user data that is gathered from your application over time.

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